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Bridesmaid Flower Bouquets

Bridesmaid Bouquets

A Bride’s best friends are her Bridesmaids — and only the most beautiful flowers belong in their hands. Often used as a counterpart, to either compliment the Bride’s bouquet, or to help each individual stand out, the giving and carrying of a Bridesmaid flower bouquet can be as symbolic as it is traditional. Everyone who sees your Bridesmaid with their bouquet will know that they are an important part of your life, and are supporting you when you need them the most. What can, on occasion, be a difficult task of deciding who you would most like in your Bridal Party is made easier in many ways when you consider how symbolic, yet simple, the choosing and passing of a unique Bridesmaid Bouquet is. Though everyone who attends your Wedding is there to wish you and your partner well, how to honour those chosen few who have always done so? History tells us that Brides in the Middle Ages chose a select few female friends to accompany them to the altar as a display of feminine strength against mischievous spirits; in less superstitious times, a girl just wants her best girls at her side!

Bridesmaid Flower Bouquet

In the age of photography, when a Wedding Album will help preserve the look and feel of your special day, complimentary or eclectic Bridesmaid Bouquets create a wonderful spectacle through any lens, and for the eyes of any onlookers. The goal truly should be to create individual Bridesmaid Bouquets that stand out as fabulous on their own, as well as in an ensemble — you need not be in the same photograph as all your Bridesmaids, in order to capture the beauty and essence of perfectly chosen flowers. Whether the goal is to create unity within your troupe, or have a special someone such as a sister, best friend or Maid of Honour stand out from the crowd, there is no one way to craft a Bridesmaid Bouquet that will stand out as being as special as the person holding it.

Wedding Bouquet For Bridesmaid

Choosing a unique bouquet style for your Bridesmaids can be a difficult task; at Fall Into Flowers, we are only limited by nature’s natural calendar, and by our imaginations! Our bespoke bouquet service, focussing on unique wedding bouquets for Bridesmaids, allows for your Bridesmaids to be adorned with whatever unique style of hand bouquet you please — whether your aim is to create visual unity, designate specific roles or relationships, or make sure each of your ‘right hands’ stands out, we have the plans, and plants, for your budding ambitions.

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