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Wedding Corsages

Mother of The Bride

Wedding Corsages for Mothers

Wedding Corsages for Mothers of the Bride and Groom are a wonderful way to bring those most special to you into your Special Day. A corsage on the wrist of the Bride or Groom’s Mother immediately indicates and celebrates their importance in your lives, and in your Wedding Day. Matching the corsage to the Bridal bouquet, or the general theme or aesthetic of the day, also allows your Mother and Mother in-law to be featured as a tangible part of the Wedding Party, for all to see.

Wedding Corsages for Mother of the Bride

In most cases, for most fortunate people, among the first people to truly love you, unconditionally, was your mother. Whether these days she goes by ‘Mum’, ‘Mummy’, or something else entirely, the Wedding of a child is an incredibly special time for a Mother, and it is the automatic choice of many to include her in the Wedding Day as far as is possible. When weddings are a Family Affair, bringing the family together from both sides is seldom simple. Flowers are a wonderful way to create unity, bringing people together for a shared experience of fresh sights and smells that can only come from an event adorned with the very best of Nature’s calendar. Where you might not necessarily consider a Bouquet a suitable adornment for your mother on your Wedding Day, a Wedding corsage can be a wonderful alternative — an opportunity to include your mother visually in the flower ensemble you choose for yourself, and your Bridal Party, without necessarily handing her a full bouquet.

Wedding Wrist Corsages for Mother of the Bride

Where Wedding traditions surrounding flowers often exclude the mother of the Groom, a Wedding corsage for mothers can serve the dual purpose of bringing them into the Wedding, and bringing them both, and your newly joined families, together on the day the union takes place. Where for many, flowers symbolise new beginnings, and growth, so too a Wedding corsage for your respective mothers can be reminiscent of union between families, and a new chapter in all of your lives Where Flowers say the most is when they reflect the most natural thing of all — the coming together of two families, all decked out in love. A wedding wrist corsage for the Mother of the Bride or Groom can be a wonderful way of bringing the Mothers of the Happy Couple into the Big Day itself — whether they came to the hen-do, or steered well clear!

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