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Wedding Corsages


Wedding Guest Corsage

The origins and history of a Wedding populated with all the Bride and Groom’s favourite people is not easily traced. What is clear, however, is that having your friends and family on all sides during happy occasions such as Weddings is the best way of sharing the love you have for each other, with everyone else who you are close to. A Wedding Guest corsage can say whatever you want it to — whether that’s direct inclusion in the Wedding Party, a nod to someone special, or even a unique way of ensuring your guests all feel included in your Big Day.

Corsage Wedding Guest

For those of us blessed with a rich quantity of friends and family, narrowing down those who we want for the Wedding Party is often a trying task. Providing guests with a wrist corsage is an excellent way of complimenting those who you want to bring into your Wedding, and ensure they know how much they truly mean to you. A wonderful way of bringing unity between every member of your Wedding congregation, and ensuring no one feels left out, colours and blooms that suit the overall aesthetic of the Wedding, and the additional flowers used to adorn and decorate, are often the order of the day. For a photograph featuring all of your guests, and not only those featured in the Wedding Party or immediate family, adding a complimentary splash of floral colour to all guests’ outfits can make for a truly spectacular ensemble photo.

Wrist Corsage for Wedding Guest

There are some flowers, and some tones, that match any outfit — where ‘classic’ meets ‘contemporary’, Fall Into Flowers’ expert florists have a philosophy of care, and appreciation when it comes to your specific ideal. Bringing your Wedding guests into your Special Day with a Wedding Guest Corsage could be the icing on the cake. You might also consider the glorious scent of a huge quantity of flowers, in positions where all present can truly appreciate them. Evocative of a meadow filled with gorgeous seasonal blooms, or an English Country Garden overflowing with all the flowers and foliage you can imagine, individual wrist corsages for guests are a breathtaking way to turn your entire congregation into a floral spectacular, as well as honouring their special place in your lives.

Whatever your vision, we love nothing more than a creative challenge, when it comes to your wrist corsage for your Wedding guest.

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