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BouquetsPlanning a Summer Wedding: Everything You Need to Know About Summer Wedding Florals

Planning a Summer Wedding: Everything You Need to Know About Summer Wedding Florals

Summer weddings truly are magical. Longer days allow for diverse themes and colour schemes and this season’s blooms do not disappoint. A summertime wedding allows us the chance to play with different scales, textures and colours, whether that’s traditional sunshine yellow blooms or bold contrasting colours.

At the height of the wedding season, summer nuptials offer warm summer days and longer evenings on the dance floor. As for flowers, I adore the playful bursts of colour combined with whimsical seasonal foliage. From jaw-dropping sunflowers to rich blue delphinium, so many blooms thrive best in the summer.

Summer Wedding Florals: What’s in Season?

It’s important to know that nowadays, some popular wedding flowers are available all year round (such as roses, carnations and orchids), but many floral favourites have a limited season! Popular summer wedding florals are dahlias, peonies and hydrangeas, each bringing beautiful bursts of colour to a bouquet.

Readily available blooms include:

Achillea • Ammi Majus • Astrantia • Cosmos • Daises • Dahlia • Daucus Carota • Flowering Mint • Honeysuckle • Larkspur • Lavender • Nepeta • Nigella • Peonies • Roses • Rubus • Scabiosa • Scented Geranium • Stocks • Summer Flowering Jasmine • Sunflowers • Sweet Peas • Thilaspi Green Bell

This colourful bouquet complements the bold tints of summer, combining beautiful pink hydrangea paniculata with subtle coral dahlia. Generally symbolic of love, happiness and romance, the peony is the ideal pick for a summertime ceremony.

You also have the option of summer foliage, branches and berries such as:

Camelia Japonica • Copper Beech • Jasmine • Marjoram • Mint • Physocarpus • Raspberry Foilage • Rosemary • Senecio • Spirea • Willow

Summer Flowers and Their Meanings

As well as bringing lots of bold hues and fun textures to a wedding, many summer wedding florals have their special meanings too. Let’s take a look at some:

Baby’s Breath (Gypsophilia) is a very popular choice for weddings, especially for foliage. They represent everlasting love.

Carnations represent fascination, distinction, devotion and love. White carnations symbolise pure love and adoration!

Cherry Blossoms are a lucky choice for a bride on her wedding day, as this flower can mean love, luck and abundance.

Chrysanthemum can signify different things, depending on its colour! A red chrysanthemum symbolises love, whereas white represents loyalty and devoted love. Overall, the chrysanthemums are believed to signify happiness, love, joy and longevity.

Daises symbolise sweetness and purity of heart. They’re also believed to be the favourite flowers of the Norse Godess of love, fertility, beauty (among other things), Freyja.

Gerbera daisies offer many different colour variations, that have many different meanings! Red gerbera daisies signify being deeply immersed in love, whereas white ones are a symbol of admiration and adoration. Yellow gerbera daises represent cheerfulness and celebration.

Hydrangeas can evoke feelings of calmness, serenity, and tranquillity, which is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere before a busy wedding! They also symbolise peace, harmony and trust.

Lavender is not only a very relaxing and calming scent – the flower also signifies love, devotion and fertility, as well as a happy marriage. In Irish traditions, it’s also said to bring happiness and luck to a marriage.

Lilacs symbolise love and passion. Marrying your first love? If so, this flower is also a great choice for you, as the colour lilac represents first love and romance.

Morning glories are featured in many folktales! This flower tends to represent unrequited or restricted love, which doesn’t sound ideal for a wedding, but can also mean to cherish the lovely and brief moments when love is in reach. They represent this because they have a fleeting lifespan, blooming after sunrise and dying before nightfall on the same day.

Orchids signify love, luxury, beauty and strength!

Roses – a very popular choice – represent passionate love, desire and even courage.

Sunflowers signify warmth, joy, happiness and new beginnings. They’re also usually gifted to couples on their third wedding anniversary.

Summer Flowers for Wedding Bouquets

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